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tantric Training For couples

Do you want to renew passion and connection with your partner, and find new ways to relate and communicate lovingly?


About Amber

Based in Honolulu on Oahu, Amber is a compassionate facilitator who has taught Tantra for couples for 18 years and facilitated 11 Couples Tantra Workshops in various locations. She studied, trained and then co-taught SELF TANTRA workshops with Dr.Freddy Weaver (psychotherapist and author of many books). Amber also has studied non-violent communication and Sensuality 101.

amber tantra hawaii

Hawaii Tantra

Amber will create a sacred and supportive place for you both to relax and find a deeper understanding into your physical body, your subtle and ecstatic energy, your senses and how they serve you, and your relationships boundlessness and possibilities!

amber tantra hawaii

What is Tantra Healing...

Tantra is an ancient practice which uses our sexual energy to raise consciousness, release our creativity, deepen intimacy, and find pleasure and joy in everyday life. 

Learn ways to let go of old beliefs and breathe fully into the moment within yourself with unconditional self love and acceptance. Then expanding that feeling into your relationship. Finding ways to healing and releasing your past and being fully awakened in the present!

Shiva and Shakti teach us how the polarity of empowered masculine and the empowered feminine can co-create a stronger and more blissful relationship!

Tantric Hawaii Offerings

Taste of Tantra

Utilizing breathe, eye contact, gentle movement, loving touch, intention and trust you will explore ways to raise consciousness with your partner, renew passion and deepen intimacy through Tantra. These sessions are not directly sexual but sensual. These sessions are great for long-term couples and new couples building a foundation based on trust, authenticity and true intimacy.

1 hour 45 minutes $220

Tantric Journey

Create a sacred space with your partner and learn new ways to relate, connect and play. This includes blindfold exercises, the Kama Sutra of Kisses, SoundPlay (playing Tibetan bowls on your partner), learning Tantric Massage, going deeper into sensuality and self awareness with your sexual energy. Included is fun homework!

2 hours 30 minutes $300

Notice Time

I need 24 hours notice for session bookings. Pre-booking is encouraged.

Phone Call

Please be prepared for a 10-20 minute get to know you phone call prior to appointment.


Location will be provided upon booking.

Want to make an enquiry?

Amber is available to come to Maui, Big Island, Kauai and Lanai, just reach out below.

We can be at my sacred space or at your location.

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